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Gingerbread House Kit

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Gingerbread House Kit


Gingerbread House Kit


Our Gingerbread house kit comes ready to  party! Order one for yourself (were not judging) or to share with your framily!


What's in the box:

Handcrafted Oldtimey Delicious HoneyBee Cakery Gingerbread house pieces...complete with a door! Sweet! (pun intended)

Piping bag full of White Chocolate to melt and pipe to your hearts content!

CANDY!! All the Holiday candies we can stuff in the box in accordance with the USPS official guidelines, of course. 


Boxes will be available December 10th. We can ship it or you can come pick it up! Last day to order is December 7th!! 


Gingerbread pictured is from HoneyBee Cakery's Gingerbread class last year. Baymax not included, you'll have to make your own! Photo Cred: Irene Flores

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